Grievance Form

This form is to be used to file a formal grievance related to the dance competition and judging scores. All sections must be completed and this will serve as the source document for the grievance process. Additional information may be requested as necessary.

A grievance is defined as an act, omission or occurrence which a participant or choreographer feels constitutes an injustice and can be established on factual information. A formal grievance must be filed by the end of the India Festival day following origin of the grievance, along with any supporting document (to be uploaded in PDF format). The description of the grievance should include the names of persons involved in the act, omission or occurrence.

Resolution conference: After a grievance has been submitted, the IndiaFest incharge may choose to request a resolution conference or informal meeting or phone call to invetigate and resolve the matter. Such interaction provides an additional opportunity for a grievance issue to be discussed and for possible solutions to be considered.

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